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[July 25, 2014, Friday 04:45 AM. IST]  
sloku m 3 ]

nwnk nwvhu GuiQAw hlqu plqu sBu jwie ] jpu qpu sMjmu sBu ihir lieAw muTI dUjY Bwie ] jm dir bDy mwrIAih bhuqI imlY sjwie ]1] m 3 ] sMqw nwil vYru kmwvdy dustw nwil mohu ipAwru ] AgY ipCY suKu nhI mir jMmih vwro vwr ] iqRsnw kdy n buJeI duibDw hoie KuAwru ] muh kwly iqnw inMdkw iqqu scY drbwir ] nwnk nwm ivhUixAw nw aurvwir n pwir ]2] pauVI ] jo hir nwmu iDAwiedy sy hir hir nwim rqy mn mwhI ] ijnw min iciq ieku ArwiDAw iqnw ieks ibnu dUjw ko nwhI ] syeI purK hir syvdy ijn Duir msqik lyKu ilKwhI ] hir ky gux inq gwvdy hir gux gwie guxI smJwhI ] vifAweI vfI gurmuKw gur pUrY hir nwim smwhI ]17]

Su`krvwr 10 swvx (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI) (AMg 648)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
sloku m 3 ]

hy nwnk! nwm qoN KuMiJAW dw lok prlok sB ivArQ jWdw hY; auhnW dw jp qp qy sMjm sB Ku`s jWdw hY, qy mwieAw dy moh ivc (auhnW dI miq) T`gI jWdI hY; jm duAwr qy b`Dy mwrIdy hn qy bVI szw (auhnW ) imldI hY [ inMdk mnu`K sMq jnW nwl vYr krdy hn qy durjnW nwl moh ipAwr r`Kdy hn; auhnW lok prlok iv`c ikqy suK nhIN imldw, GVI muVI duibDw ivc ^uAwr ho ho ky, jMmdy mrdy hn; auhnW dI iqSnw kdy nhIN lihMdI; hrI dy s`cy drbwr ivc auhnW inMdkW dy mUMh kwly hMudy hn [ hy nwnk! nwm qoN s`KixAW nwh ies lok ivc qy nwh prlok ivc (FoeI imldI hY)[2[ jo mnu`K hrI dw nwm ismrdy hn, auh AMdroN hrI-nwm ivc rMgy jWdy hn; ijnHW ny iekwgR ic`q ho ky iek hrI ArwiDAw hY, auh aus qoN ibnw iksy hor nhIN jwxdy [ (ipCly kIqy kMmW Anuswr) mu`F qoN ijnHW dy m`Qy qy (sMskwr-rUp) lyK au~kirAw hoieAw hY, auh mnu`K hrI jpdy hn; auh sdw hrI dy gux gwauNdy hn, gux gw ky guxW dy mwlk hrI dI (hornW ) is`iKAw dyNdy hn [ gurmuKW ivc ieh v`fw gux hY ik pUry siqgurU dI rwhIN hrI dy nwm ivc lIn hMudy hn [17[

English Translation :


O Nanak, forsaking the Name, he loses everything, in this world and the next. Chanting, deep meditation and austere self-disciplined practices are all wasted; he is deceived by the love of duality. He is bound and gagged at the door of the Messenger of Death. He is beaten, and receives terrible punishment. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: They inflict their hatred upon the Saints, and they love the wicked sinners. They find no peace in either this world or the next; they are born only to die, again and again. Their hunger is never satisfied, and they are ruined by duality. The faces of these slanderers are blackened in the Court of the True Lord. O Nanak, without the Naam, they find no shelter on either this shore, or the one beyond. || 2 || PAUREE: Those who meditate on the Lords Name, are imbued with the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, in their minds. For those who worship the One Lord in their conscious minds, there is no other than the One Lord. They alone serve the Lord, upon whose foreheads such pre-ordained destiny is written. They continually sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and singing the Glories of the Glorious Lord, they are uplifted. Great is the greatness of the Gurmukhs, who, through the Perfect Guru, remain absorbed in the Lords Name. || 17 ||

Friday, 10th Saawan (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) (Page: 648)

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Photo by: Satpal Singh "Danish"

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